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Travelling Tailor

“Where style meets convenience…”

Our showroom is your location of choice – a tailor will come to your home, office or on location while visiting your city.

We understand that time is of the essence so we have designed a service that fits your schedule. During the first consultation our clients enjoy the creative & unique experience of designing their suit – every detail is a personal choice


All of our suits are custom made – before you order, only the cloth exists. The cloth is then cut to the measurements taken. Attention to detail is our priority (ensured) during the physical assessment – nuances of posture, sloping shoulder or even a broad chest. The hand cut cloth is then sewn to create a unique balanced fit.

Book An Appointment

The suit will be made ready anytime between three to six weeks of order. A second consultation is scheduled to ensure that the fit is perfect. If any, all alterations are free of charge and initials measurements are updated accordingly.

We are usually contacted by clients who know what they want and we deliver.


We price our suits on the length of fabric needed to tailor a suit dependent on the client’s physical assessment.The average man requires 4 meters. In the end, the cost of the suit differs in the grade and weight of the fabric chosen.


Consult with the client to learn more about his lifestyle and his dress sense. Particulars are gathered about his suit game and the purpose for the suit. Clients who need a suit for an occasion are slightly different.

A physical assessment is conducted and the client is measured.

The client has complete control over the design details and is guided by the tailor.


“Nothing fits better than a tailored, made-to-measure suit, hand made from the best luxury fabrics…”

Choosing the right fabric can be easy. We offer our 100% wool or wool with cashmere or silk. We do not carry polyester (synthetic fibre) blend like other tailors. With over 3000 swatches in various weights, patterns and colours, there’s lots of choices to hand pick from the bunch.


At the next meeting your suit is delivered for a fitting and ‘fit guarantee’. The final decision rests with the tailor.

If any, alterations are marked and pinned for the final touches to create that sartorial elegance. The final suit will be delivered dry cleaned and pressed ready to be worn. You can now go out in style, a suit exclusively made for you, looking debonaire.


Is client satisfaction. We achieve this by listening to our clients (attention to detail), then tailoring quality suits with the perfect fit.


Every detail identifies your style.

We give you complete control of the design details. Yes, we guide you along the way but the ultimate decision is yours.

It’s so simple… you tell us what you want and we deliver.


Sophisticated Italian wool tailored to your perfect fit

Hand-measured and tailored to your design details.

Made to Measure tailoring that allow clients to define and channel their personal style in their choice of fabric, buttons and other custom details.


Tailor On The Road offers the finest wool from Italian mills.

Over 3000 swatches in various colours and patterns… from Super 110 to Super 210 in weights of 170gm to 570gm.

Exclusively made for you with the highest level of quality and elegance.

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